Black Politics

Jemele Hill, Jamilah Lemieux, and other “problematic” influencers, CLOUT CHASING again.


What’s really good with invoking our collective name to do damage?
False statistics, bad image framing, using “negro brute” stereotypes, and even comparing us to white criminal politicians…What is the end game?
Let’s take a gander at sponsors.
Ms. Lemieux is vice present of men’s media programming at interactive one, a subsidiary of “Radio One”.


Ms. Hill’s clickbait article was written for The Atlantic.
Are both of these companies black owned? Absolutely not.
Why are the alleged pathologies of black men being laid in front of white audiences?
I’m also wondering where Ms. Hill found enough black Kavanaugh supporters to make such BOLD CLAIMS. She was just agreeing with an article saying black men were the white men of black people…Who is she around? Maybe her boss, Laurene Powell Jobs, majority shareholder at The Atlantic?

Conflating opposite and somewhat rival groups of people is a very cheap technique. We don’t have the financial or social clout to be compared in any way, shape, or form.
We are NOT the #2 killers of black women, Ms. Lemieux, but your father, Officer David Lemieux (aka Pretty Willie, of The Spook Who Sat By The Door fame) was sure in position to harm black men.
We are NOT in agreement with that racist white judge at all, but many of us are in danger of being stripped of freedom, peace, and life itself due to the whims of a false accuser. Emmitt Till ring a bell? How about Brian Banks? The more modern example had an accuser (FALSE) that reflects the image of both of these women, and we don’t judge them at all by those individual acts, do we? Of course not. It’s counterproductive and weak. We don’t “like-fish” at LiberationChief.
MISS GARZA, you are NOT African-American and your organization, BLACK LIVES MATTER, has a misandrist section in its’ credo…


Ok, that’s cool but: Why are you trying to say black men voted for trump in high numbers (13%, LOL) based on an EXIT POLL with a 25k sample size? That’s around 1200 people. Let’s be completely serious and maybe open up a dialogue about members of your organization watching state violence being committed (at your protests) while y’all watch behind the safety of screens, far away. Hmmm…

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