I. Be. So. Tired.

Black Maggie

I’ve been working on a way to jump back into the mix. My little one just turned 8 months and while for some people they have an idea of what that means, I’d like to take this time to say FORGET ALL THAT $#it! This kid does backflips, fakes like he can’t walk, initiates the peek-a-boo games and has a taste for carpet lint. I’m spent.

So imagine my thoughts and feelings when I peek in on the rest of the world and I see that you all have not only let Kavanaugh into office, putting my very much still healing uterus in jeopardy, you let Kanye keep saying things out loud after that whole “Slavery is a Choice” situation before he got a chance to finish his “I’m never leaving Chicago again” re-brand. Why?! So instead of setting up the camera to capture all of the bags under my…

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