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Luvvie, Cynthia Erivo & Yvonne Orji

So Let’s Talk About Luvvie, Cynthia Erivo & Yvonne Orji

In case you’ve been living under a rock The Breaking Brown family (Yvette Carnell) & others have been taking Luvvie to task. So much so that petitions have flown around involving Luvvie and her girl Cynthia (who has been casted to play Harriet Tubman). The issue at stake is the problematic views that Luvvie has involving American Descendants of Slaves & how immigrants come to America to compete with American born blacks but aren’t locked into what it means to be American DOS. In fact, many Nigerians come here already having more wealth than that of American born Descendants of slaves & that’s for many different reasons, but this goes back to the institution of slavery. They are what’s known as the African elite that sold their own into slavery. (We will go into detail at a later date involving the slave trade & African involvement).

The screenshots below will show you what Luvvie really thinks about American DOS as a whole.

So let’s bring up some receipts involving Cynthia Erivo…

Our issue with Cynthia is pretty clear. She has no direct connection to those of us in the diaspora who are descendants of slaves. Who cares that you can act?! (We all may not agree on this, but most of our American born black actors NEVER went to Nigeria or any other place in Africa to portray African roles) The fact that you cannot relate or draw from the spirit of Harriet or those who were enslaved would make it very inauthentic & it’s a “slap” in the face to those of us here who are still dealing with the effects of slavery. Yet, you’re able to be here in America to assume such roles while at the same time having mocked American DOS with your “ghetto accent” comments & the like. Let’s call this for what it is: This is AMERICAN DOS “BLACKFACE” The fact that she lacks respect for American Descendant of Slaves can only mean one thing… She thinks she’s better than American DOS due to where she comes from. The mentality that many like her have is that we’re not even in their purview since they view everyone as competition. We have two questions: “How can you consider yourself family and competition at the same time? How does that work?”- Yvette Carnell

Let’s move onto Yvonne Orji…

The pattern that we’re all seeing is the fact that many Nigerians carry this air of austerity & let’s be clear we’re not saying ALL West Africans or even Nigerians behave this way. We’re talking about those like the aforementioned that migrate here & do not want to be in solidarity with black Americans, but instead only want to get over on “skin tone” out of a matter of convenience when filling out job applications, but are quick to do writing competitions to talk about how African-Americans do not deserve reparations. (*cough* Luvvie), but I digress…. Let’s let Yvette Carnell break everything down now on Yvonne Orji.

Click on the link BELOW and let us know your thoughts!


-The Revolutionary

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