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Greetings, fellow Liberators!!!
While perusing a popular message board (cut us a check!), an article posted by a fellow member immediately grabbed my attention:


I could not control my sarcastic laughter; these people are trying to draw parallels to the current “opiate crisis“, using living relics from the crack era? Absolutely ludicrous, but…unsurprising, considering the source (a conservative publication). End stage users dying out after 30 years of hardcore crack use and lack of treatment is not equivalent to another community’s devastating opium zombie apocalypse! Luckily, a sista who posts under the alias “Nicole416” countered the scree with choice research and scathing words of her own, along with articles to disconnect the reaches and bring truth to light.
Shame on THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE for such sloppy journalism. THIS is the face of addiction.




Nicole416: This is to debase the original article made by THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE, titled “White Lines, Black Epidemic: The NEW Black American Cocaine” epidemic. There are several topics to dispute in that post but the most important is that white people are using drugs more so than blacks. (Not that I care what white people do or what happens to them- let them deal with their own issues). The point to take from this is that Black people are not the primary users of drugs – cocaine or opiates.

White Lines, Black Epidemic: The NEW Black American Cocaine epidemic

I have posted several articles and facts based on sources that run counter to that narrative in that thread. I am posting this because that information and data is far from accurate, due to bias and racism. The cocaine epidemic in the Black Community is based on false information and not supported on a factual basis. The point of this is that we need to stop with the adopting of white media as primary sources of information and spreading lies, misinformation without doing our own substantive research and analyzing independent sources.

This is direct from the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation-
Who uses crack cocaine, and why?
“Media stereotypes paint crack users as inner-city crackheads and irresponsible “crack mothers” who spend all day chasing their next high. The political furor against these crack users has been fueled by racially coded language—as a result of overwhelmingly skewed media portrayals”


  • Statistics from the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveal that 55% of past-month crack users are white. Black Americans, who make up 12.2% of the population, account for 37% of crack users, meaning that they are 3.5 times more likely than whites to be regular crack users. But black people are 21.2 times more likely than white people to go to federal prison on a crack charge.
  • The black share of the crack using population is only dropping. Today, young white people are nine times more likely to try crack cocaine than young black people, and the disparity is increasing.

“Much of the public literature simply focuses on racial minorities being at high risk for arrest and incarceration due to drug possession” said Dr. Palamar. Our research shows it is much more complex than that. Crack users are much more likely to experience arrest than powder cocaine users, and being poor is the true overwhelming correlate, not being black or a minority.
Powder vs. Crack: NYU Study Identifies Arrest Risk Disparity for Cocaine Use


– LC Meta.

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